Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why me?

I sit here at our business (just celebrated our 4th year as owners) and I look around and still say (sometimes out loud) "Why me?"
  • Why do we own a successful hardware store?
  • Why do we have such a strong marriage - never arguing, totally enjoying being with each other 24/7?
  • Why have I been asked to be on so many boards and committees in town that are influencial and "connected"?
  • Why do our kids get along so well even when they are at the store with us for hours on end?
  • Why are we leaders in our church?
  • Why are John & I often asked to do things much bigger than we see ourselves?

Honestly, you've been there too, asking yourselves the same question. But I've come to this realization: when I finally got the focus off who I am and put the focus on how can I help others and serve and represent God, then we all should be asking ourselves "why not me"?

I just had a neat opportunity last week that I will write more about once I have a little more time - let's just say for now that divine connections is something that every business owner should be praying for.

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